The space between the skin and your clothes

Interiors takes its name from the most intimate space found between the female body and her clothes.

Through a conscious collection of lingerie staples, interiors wants to dress contemporary women from the privacy of the inside to the outdoors. The brand serves as a platform to discuss the connection between the wearer and the garments within the limits of The Inner Space.

Being a conscious brand, we source quality microfibers in Europe (Italy, Spain) made in carbon neutral factories. We use recycled nylons when available in the lightness required for intimates.

All the manufacturing process takes place in a small female-led factory, very near our studio in Barcelona, to ensure each step within the process is supervised and made with care.

Understanding that the clothing industry is per se about producing newness and consumption, we can’t call ourselves a sustainable brand, however we are constantly researching for new ways to improve our practice.

Welcome to the new world of Interiors…